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November 30, 2017

For many, the holidays are a time to savor traditions. And while many traditional holiday foods are comforting and delicious, they aren’t always the healthiest.

Our dietitians encourage wellness as a priority, but this doesn’t mean you should completely eschew holiday foods.

You may already be familiar with the wellness concept of moderation, but this term leaves a lot of room for interpretation. An alternative concept that’s gaining more traction in the wellness world is mindfulness.

What is mindfulness?

Mindfulness is the simple practice of bringing your awareness to the present moment. It’s a concept aimed to help you enjoy experiences as they happen instead of allowing your mind to wander to the past or future, which may foster stress or anxiety.

This may sound like an easy concept, but it’s surprisingly difficult in practice.

As an exercise, try a 60-second mindful meditation: focus your mind on your body’s sensations, the sounds in the room, and what’s happening around you.

Did your tho...

September 27, 2017

Kids are learning at a rapid pace, and their awareness extends beyond the classroom. Along with social skills, they’re learning how to accept responsibility, which includes how to take care of themselves. With the pressure to perform well academically, the importance of nutrition can fall to the wayside. And while it may be second-nature for an adult to consider their eating schedule for the day, kids often times need more guidance in understanding what their body needs to function optimally.

To help you teach your kids how to keep themselves energized through the school day, here are three simple tips:

1. Eat a balanced breakfast

Why is breakfast so important? Eating breakfast helps maintain energy levels, uphold satiety and helps kids establish regular eating patterns.

When we sleep, our bodies are still using energy – our hearts are beating, our lungs are breathing and our tissues are undergoing growth and repair. Upon waking, our cortisol levels are elevated (cortisol: a hormone indica...

November 17, 2016

The following is an archived post

The term mindfulness has been thrown around quite a bit lately in the health world, from psychology to exercise, and particularly when it comes to diet.

According to Psychology Today, mindfulness means a state of active, open attention on the present. We often focus on  coaching adults when it comes to techniques of mindful eating as it can help moderate overeating, but these tools can also be extremely useful with toddlers, school-age children and adolescents.

Despite any mealtime struggles you may have with your children, it’s fortunately never too late to educate them on mindful eating habits in ways that avoid negative interactions and tedious lectures. 

Check out these 5 great ways to foster mindful eating behavior in your home. Don’t feel pressure to try all suggestions at once – perhaps pick one as a starting point and stick with it for a while. Habits don’t change overnight and consistency is key to see progress.

  • Don’t reward heal...

The following is an archived post

Hello readers and welcome to the FISD blog!

As the Nutrition Specialist for Flik Independent School Dining, I will be sharing information, ideas and recommendations on food and nutrition, especially as they relate to schools and children.  I also hope to shed light on various topics and issues that may be confusing—there is a ton of information about nutrition and health floating around that isn’t all that clear, as well as information that is downright misleading.

We hope to open up a real conversation with this blog and encourage you to comment/provide feedback for ongoing dialogue.

2011 is here! The new calendar year always inspires us to make a fresh start, to make changes to better our lives. We make New Year’s resolutions in the hope of initiating these changes.

As we know (many of us from firsthand experience!), popular New Year’s resolutions involve health—whether losing weight, exercising more, or “eating healthier.”

But what if we took a step back...

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