Chicken Enchiladas


  • 1/4 cup vegetable oil

  • 1 cup yellow onion, diced

  • 1 cup bell pepper, diced

  • 2 cups poblano pepper, blanched, skins & stems removed, and diced

  • 3 Roma tomatoes, diced

  • 3 cups chicken broth

  • 1 pound boneless skinless chicken thighs, large chunks

  • 1/2 cup cilantro, chopped

  • 1/2 cup cornstarch slurry

  • 16 ounces Chobani Greek Yogurt

  • 1/2 cup cheddar-jack cheese blend, shredded

  • 4-8 6-inch corn tortillas, blanched with hot oil for malleability

  • 1 cup Roma tomatoes, diced

  • 8 sprigs cilantro


  1. Heat oil in a sauce pan and sauté onions, bell peppers, tomatoes, and half of poblano peppers. Add 2 cups of chicken broth and chicken thighs. Stew until chicken is thoroughly cooked to 165 degrees. Reserve stock for next step.

  2. In a separate sauce pan, heat reserved stock, and remaining chicken broth with remaining poblano peppers and 1/4 cup of cilantro. Bring to a gentle boil and thicken with 1/4 cup cornstarch slurry. Remove from heat and add 8 ounces Chobani Greek yogurt. Whip until smooth and set aside for plating.

  3. Place tortilla on plate and fill with chicken mixture. Top with a pinch of shredded cheese and teaspoon of yogurt. Roll enchilada, ladle sauce over tortilla, garnish with cheese and place in oven for 5 minutes until hot throughout. Then place under a broiler for an additional minute to allow cheese to fully melts and start to brown.

  4. Plate and garnish with diced tomatoes and fresh cilantro.

Makes 4-8 servings.

Recipe by George T., Flik Independent School Dining Director of Dining Services

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