2010 Dietary Guidelines for Americans Part II

The following is an archived post

In my last post, the new recommendations were addressed. But what was missing? Were there gaps?

According to some experts, the final guidelines may have fallen short in a few key areas. Researchers from the Harvard School of Public Health (some of whom served on the panel in developing the guidelines) believe these areas are:

*Sodium – 2300 mg/day is still the upper limit; many feel this should have been lowered to 1500 mg/day

*Vitamin D – new research has provided evidence that we may need to supplement our diets with Vitamin D since there are few food sources that provide us with adequate amounts; the current recommendation is less than 1000 mg/day, thought to be too low by experts

*Dairy – too much emphasis may be placed on this group as a calcium source, especially since much of the public does not consume low-fat dairy foods, as suggested

*Refined grains and red meat – too lax in recommending the public limit these foods

As the experts mention, it will be interesting to see how the guidelines are communicated to the public and how this all translates into marketing efforts.

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