Warmer Weather – Think About Hydration

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Water makes up more than half of our body’s weight and is absolutely necessary for life–our bodies are actually about two-thirds water! Almost every biological process involves water.

For most, drinking beverages with meals and in-between when feeling thirsty is enough to stay hydrated. The total amount will likely be from 7 – 13 cups of fluids per day. Why is this important?

Every day we lose water by sweating, in our urine and by breathing. In order to stay hydrated, we have to take in as much water as we lose. Not getting enough water—being dehydrated, can make you feel tired, confused and can decrease athletic performance. Being dehydrated can also make you more likely to get heat strain, which can be very dangerous.

Sometimes, however, we need more water to make up for these losses and relying on the feeling of thirst just won’t cut it. If it is very hot or humid—like during the summer, you will need to drink more water. If you are exercising a lot or just sweating a lot, you will also need more water. When you are sick with a fever, you will need more water, too.

As the summer months are upon us, it’s time to think about your own hydration in relation to the warmer weather and to your activity level. What’s an easy way to check if you are drinking enough water? Look at your urine! It should be pale. If it is very dark in color, you probably need more water.

We can actually get water from many sources. Any beverage that we drink contains water and can contribute to the water that our bodies need each day. The problem with drinking other beverages to quench our thirst is that they tend to come with other things that we don’t really need—like sugar, caffeine, and extra calories—and can sometimes actually act against us in terms of hydration. Water and low-fat milk are usually the healthiest drink choices. Certain foods, like fruits and vegetables, also contain water.

Be sure to have a water bottle by your side for easy refilling this summer!

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