No More Pyramid

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Big news in the health and nutrition world! Last week, the USDA has launched a new food icon, MyPlate! This image replaces MyPyramid.

This is truly a new model for healthy eating, as nutrition educators have for years taught healthy eating with representations of plates. In fact, FISD has its very own signature program, Color Your Plate Healthy, which was based on the former pyramid but translated into putting together a balanced and colorful plate!

The pyramid had been around for decades in a number of forms and had often been a source of confusion and vagueness. MyPlate clearly promotes fruits and vegetables, which cover half the circle. Grains occupy an additional quarter, as do proteins such as meat, fish and poultry. A glass of milk rests to the side. Desserts and sweets (formerly part of the “Other” food group) have been eliminated. With support of first lady Michelle Obama, many experts and policymakers feel there is brilliance in the simplicity of this design.

While of course MyPlate doesn’t address everything (for example, what kinds of vegetables to consume more frequently, water/hydration, different sources of dairy/calcium) most feel this is a vast improvement and will help streamline education and communication efforts in many arenas.

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