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Read about some new culinary ideas for FISD from Chef Christian Fischer!

I spent most of my weekend exploring the great flavors of autumn. Going from local markets to local farms, I was able to sample mouth-watering foods like a slow roasted root vegetable stew, wonderful harvest corn chowder and scrumptious apple and blueberry pie.

Sampling all these great flavors inspired me as did all of the great dishes and work that I have observed in my first month with Flik Independent School Dining. In every account that I had the opportunity to see, I came across chefs with passion for great food and team-members dedicated to our FISD key values.All this made me think of all the great things that are happening, but are rarely communicated. We are therefor starting the Flik Independent School Dining Chef Talk.

This forum is designed to be an outlet for culinary talk, an outlet to share best practices and to talk about new food items, flavoring or seasonings, new techniques or anything that adds dimension to our culinary repertoire. Think herbs, spices, condiments, seasonings, or some great culinary resource that our chefs may have come across and would like share within our chef network.

I am collecting these ideas and sending them out to the team in a monthly update to highlight the great things we do.

To get this forum started, I have sent out a few fall recipe ideas to get our chefs’ minds churning on how they can take advantage of all the great fall flavors available to them and how we can incorporate them into our locations to strengthen the Flik Independent School Dining culinary talent and offerings.

“Season with Your Senses”

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