Turkey Talk, Post 3: How to Carve a Turkey

The following is an archived post
Chef Christian Fischer advises us how to best carve that Thanksgiving bird.

Things You’ll Need:

• Aluminum Foil • Turkey • Carving Knife • Curved Meat Fork • Cutting Board • Serving Platters

1. Choose a sharp, thin-bladed carving knife. Running your knife along the bottom of the turkey, find the places where the thighbones meet the body.

2. Slip your knife into the joint to separate thigh from body on each side.

3. Separate the drumstick from the thigh using the same technique (cut through the joint, not the bone, wiggling the drumstick to locate the joint).

4. Running your knife along the bone, separate the meat from the thigh and drumstick try to get as much as possible in one piece.

5. Cut thigh and leg meat into thin slices.

6. Use your knife to find where the wings and body connect.

7. Slip your knife into the joint to separate wings from body on each side.

8. Carve thin slices off one side of the breast, cutting parallel to the breast.

9. Repeat with the other side of the breast.

Enjoy! And Happy Thanksgiving!

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