Sodium Update – Biggest Source Not What You Think

The following is an archived post

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recently reported that bread and rolls are the number one source of salt in the American diet, accounting for more than twice as much sodium as salty junk food like potato chips.

They say that breads and rolls make up about 7% of the salt that the average American eats in one day. Next on the list are cold cuts and cured meats; pizza; fresh and processed poultry; soups; fast-food hamburgers and sandwiches and cheese.

Accounting for 3% of sodium consumption are spaghetti and other pasta dishes; meatloaf and other meat dishes and finally, those snacks like potato chips and pretzels, “salty” snacks that people tend to think are the biggest culprits.

The truth is, breads and rolls don’t contain more sodium than many other foods, people just eat more of them.

CDC officials are recommending that consumers look at labels of these products more closely and choose brands which are lower in sodium. This is because average consumption of sodium in this country is 3,300 mg, 1,000 mg higher than the recommended 2,300 mg (or lower, depending on health and blood pressure status).

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