Louisville, Original Makers Club and Hillbilly Tea

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On a recent trip to visit a number of our independent schools in Louisville, KY, a couple of my colleagues and I stumbled upon the fantastic Hillbilly Tea.

It all began at our district meeting at The Green Building. On a tour of the LEED platinum certified facility, where we learned about interesting practices like utilizing used denim for insulation, we found the “Original Makers” guide to Louisville.

The guide is produced by the Original Makers Club, which is dedicated to bringing the public content that illustrates, documents and archives the culture of a chosen city and promotes the local makers movement. (As a resident New Yorker, I was particularly excited that an Original Makers Brooklyn now exists.) What better way to choose where to eat and become more familiar with the authentic local food culture than to refer to our Original Makers guide?

Enter the next morning and breakfast at Hillbilly Tea, an “Appalachian themed ‘Tea Café,’ which offers a variety of fresh organic whole leaf teas and boasts a full menu of wholesome mountain inspired comfort foods.”

Co-owned by restaurateur Karter Louis, who we were fortunate enough to meet, the philosophy is simple: farm to table, delicious, authentic, cultural food. While serving delicious desserts such as bourbon bread pudding and favorites like house cured bacon, there is a light hand in preparation and the portions are perfect — and appropriately not over-sized. There are also great options for the more veggie and vegan minded. It is obvious that health and “eating clean” are part of the mindset here. (And I haven’t even gotten into the wonderful teas which can play a variety of roles in health!)

In talking with Karter, whose food values were ingrained in him by his father (as Karter says, a real food “naturalist,” ahead of his time) the passion and dedication to this philosophy in all who work there is clear.

What a great experience!

#culture #sustainability

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