Summer Season Heating Up for Local Veggies

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Nutrition and health professionals are always pushing for greater vegetable consumption. Eating a variety of vegetables is truly the basis for a healthy diet, as they are packed with vitamins, minerals, fiber, antioxidants and phytochemicals. In schools, we are always trying to encourage our students to try and taste new vegetables—and ultimately eat more of them!

There is no better time than summer to enjoy a bounty of fresh, seasonal vegetables. This summer, step out of the comfort zone of your seasonal favorites and try a couple of new veggies while they are at the peak of flavor, freshness and nutritional value! Some research has shown that consuming local vegetables in season (as opposed to when they are picked earlier to withstand transport) can be significant as far as maximizing nutritional benefits.

Top 10 Summer Vegetables
Look for them locally at your Farmer’s Market!
  1. Corn

  2. Cucumbers

  3. Green Beans

  4. Eggplant

  5. Okra

  6. Peas

  7. Bell Peppers

  8. Shelling Beans a.k.a Soup Beans

  9. Tomatoes

  10. Zucchini a.k.a Summer Squash

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