The New Year – A Time to Reflect

The following is an archived post

We often think of the new year as a time to celebrate, to look forward, to make “resolutions” for a “fresh start.” In the wake of recent events such as the Newtown tragedy and Hurricane Sandy, it is equally important to think about the past and present.

Reflecting upon current happenings and past experiences not only helps to inform and guide us for future actions and decisions but also allows us to appreciate what we have and where we have come from. While the new year can inspire us to change for the better, there are aspects of our lives that don’t require change. So we can also look at the new year as an opportunity to think about how to protect and preserve what is truly important.

This means approaching health as a valued asset rather than a burden. Health is all-encompassing; from diet and exercise to sleep, to mental health, to the health of our families, friend and communities. It is only when the health of individuals AND communities is intact that we can face the hardship like those we have seen recently, band together and try to move forward.


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