How Can You and Your Family Keep Those Nutritious New Year’s Resolutions?

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Goal Intention!

It’s easy to make a quick list of resolutions on December 31st but it’s an entirely different story come the first week of January when you and your family are settling into old routines after the holidays are over.

This year, don’t go back to old habits! Make a mindful effort to make just one health or nutrition resolution stick for all 365 days of 2014. The best way to do this is to focus on one goal and state your intention to meet that goal—however, wherever, whatever it takes. People often find that a single objective is much more manageable to meet.

Some fun, family-oriented nutrition resolutions that you can achieve in 2014:

  • Eat 4 different colors of fruits and veggies each day – keep track using markers and a calendar.

  • Exercise together for 30 minutes 2 days a week – try playing tag outside or having a dance party inside.

  • Don’t buy soda or other sugary beverages. Keep track of money saved and decide as a family what to do with the savings.

  • Try substituting a whole grain for a refined grain (e.g., brown rice for white rice) once per week for a boost of fiber and heart health.

There are so many ways to make small but meaningful changes. That they truly become a part of your lifestyle is what matters the most in the long run. So pick that one resolution and make a clear intention to keep at it for 1 year. See what a difference it can make!

Contributor: Catherine Staffieri, Dietetic Intern

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