A Healthy Holiday For the Family

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Think healthy this holiday season and make sure your family’s wellness is a priority. Talk with your children about the importance of eating healthy during the holidays. Getting them involved now will help them develop healthy habits for holidays to come.ere are some healthy ways to ensure your family puts wellness first this holiday season:

  • Serve well-balanced meals throughout the day to prevent overeating during the holiday dinner.

  • Encourage your children to say, “No thank you,” when they are full.

  • Drink milk or water and avoid juices and drinks that are high in sugar.

  • Add fruits and vegetables to holiday recipes to increase the vitamins and minerals your family will be eating.

  • Pick out a new red or green fruit and vegetable to try for this year’s holiday meal.

  • Remind kids that a healthy holiday meal includes food from all the food groups.

  • Go for a family walk together while food is baking or after the holiday meal.

Contributor: Chelsea Crabtree, MS, RD LD


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