Zoodles or Noodles?

From cauliflower pizza crust to zucchini noodles, it seems veggies are stealing the spotlight and replacing their starchier counterparts in popular dishes. But by doing so, are we insinuating that starchy foods are bad? That could be the message that consumers are hearing and it’s important to set the record straight.

Items made from refined grains like white flour and white rice are relatively nutrient poor. Replacing these traditional items with a veggie like cauliflower will boost the food’s nutrient profile and possibly lower the carbohydrate content. However, carbohydrates serve as a primary fuel source for our bodies. If you’re eating a balanced diet, it may not be necessary to reduce your carbohydrate intake. And, while vegetables may add certain nutrients to your meal, they could also be replacing other beneficial nutrients that whole grains and starchy vegetables provide, such as B vitamins and iron.


It’s almost always a good idea to add more veggies to our diet. But it’s important not to fall prey to the idea that vegetable substitutions are always going to be better for us or that carbohydrates are bad. We should enjoy these foods for their own uniqueness and to add variety to our diet. But there’s no need to become carb-phobic or shun traditional pasta.

So enjoy your zoodles and enjoy your noodles and continue to enjoy your veggies.

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